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Who we are

Creating Maurizio Mykonos we dipped into our heritage through the heart of conscious fashion. Localy made sustainable fabrics blended with minor Asia lace in the same way our families have been doing for centuries. Carefully crafted with attention to every detail, our pieces intertwine the tactile delight of fine linen with the intricate allure of delicate lace. Inspired by the magic of Mykonian architecture and the breath-taking beauty of its landscapes.
Our Collection came to be infused with the spirit of our island, capturing the majestic dance of the Aegean waves, the charm of the little alleys, and the dazzling spectacle of our Aegean sunsets
Every garment is filled with our passion and sustainability in mind, providing a comfortable, breezy elegance. Our pieces are as vibrant and dynamic as the island they draw inspiration from, meant for those who embrace the rhythm of the sea and the joy of sun.
With Maurizio Mykonos we tried not to simply design but to embrace the Myconean spirit itself.