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Our heritage

The Aegean Sea[a]  (Greek:Αιγαίο Πέλαγος) is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and AsiaLate Latin authors referred the name Aegaeus to Aegeus, who was said to have jumped into that sea to drown himself rather than throwing himself from the Athenian Acropolis, as told by some Greek authors. Aegeus had told Theseus to put up white sails when returning if he was successful in killing the Minotaur. When Theseus returned, he forgot these instructions, and Aegeus thinking his son to have died then drowned himself in the sea.

The sea was known as Mare Aegaeum under the control of the Roman Empire. The Venetians, who ruled many Greek islands in the High and Late Middle Ages, popularized the name Archipelago (Greek: αρχιπέλαγος, meaning "main sea" or "chief sea"), a name that held on in many European countries until the early modern period

Where we take inspiration

Hydra,  (Greek: Ύδρα, romanizedÝdra, pronounced: [ˈiðra] in Modern Greek,  and in antiquity Hydrea, is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located in the Aegean Sea between the Myrtoan Sea and the Argolic Gulf. It is separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strip of water. In ancient times, the island was known as Hydrea (Ὑδρέα, derived from the Greek word for "water"), a reference to the natural springs on the island.

The name Hydra comes from ancient Greekὕδρα(hydra), derived from the Greek word for "water", a reference to thenatural springs on the island.The local Arvanite name is attested in two variants: the common variantNύδρα/Nidhraand the rare formNidhrizaorHydriza.In Turkish it is known asIdraand in Ottoman Turkish: يدرا.

Marina Of the rocks

You have a taste of tempest on your lips—But where did you wander
All day long in the hard reverie of stone and sea?
An eagle-bearing wind stripped the hills
Stripped your longing to the bone
And the pupils of your eyes received the message of chimera
Spotting memory with foam!
Where is the familiar slope of short September
On the red earth where you played, looking down
At the broad rows of the other girls
The corners where your friends left armfuls of rosemary.