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Aikaterini Ifigenia Kalafati, was born in Port Said Egypt in a family blended with Greek heritage and Egyptian influences. Her father was the second generation of Greek textile factory owners in Egypt. Growing up in the middle of this cultural crossroads, Aikaterini developed an early curiosity for the fabrics, textures, and mixed traditions that surrounded her early life.
Early on Aikaterini demonstrated a remarkable affinity for design. She would spend hours experimenting with fabrics in her fathers factory amidst the buzzing machines, often drawing inspiration from the bustling streets of her town.

Her parents, both avid supporters of her artistic pursuits, recognized her talent and encouraged to continue her studies in Rome, Italy.
Aikaterini’s life took a pivotal turn when she met her future husband and business partner Giovanni Urciuolo in Italy.
This mix ignited her need to infuse her Greek roots and merge them with the memories of her

Egyptian upbringing and Italian artisanship.
Together they founded “Maurizio Mykonos” and soon her creations were worn by celebrities and featured in prominent fashion magazines. Her brand became synonymous with cultural fusion and artistic storytelling, earning her a loyal international clientele.
Today, Aikaterini still represents the power of embracing one's heritage and using it as a springboard for creative expression. Her designs are sold in more than 150 boutiques worldwide worldwide, celebrating the cultural union of Egyptian and Greek aesthetics while inspiring others to explore their own cultural roots.